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Download WhatsApp Plus Apk for Android [Latest Version]

WhatsApp Plus: WhatsApp Plus is an APK that is used to modify WhatsApp features for Android. It has different themes and customization options.

If there is an application that does not lack in the mobile of any person (at least in Spain), be it an Android or an iPhone, it is without a doubt WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat app has long conquered millions of users who stopped sending SMS messages and switched to this service based on data network traffic.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus  (developed by XDA Developers)  is an application based on the original WhatsApp but integrates new and interesting features that will definitely make you want to try it. Best of all: IT ‘S FREE !

Download WhatsApp Plus for free safely . The download will start instantly by clicking on the button on your platform.  Although WhatsApp was acquired for a multimillion dollar amount in 2015 by Facebook (which at that time was already successful with its messenger Facebook Messenger ) and began to have at its disposal all that development team, there are always users who want more customization possibilities in the application and this is how the so-called “mods” of WhatsApp came about , almost always for Android in an exclusive and free APK app. Remember that you can always download WhatsApp in its original version.

WhatsApp Plus

Since its launch, there are already many people who use  WhatsApp Plus on their Android phones, and they are spreading the word because it is an interesting modification of the original WhatsApp, they all make positive comments, since it integrates certain features never before seen in the popular delivery courier. Wasap , as some say, exists in several languages, including Spanish and with innumerable improvements over the normal version.

WhatsApp Plus  has become a fever: thousands of users are looking for it, trying to replace their original WhatsApp bore as their usual messaging client. Then we will tell you more about this popular application that is known in different apk or versions: the ReBorn , Holo and JiMods , in replacement to the defunct version of the Spanish developer Rafalense.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

The authentic WhatsApp Plus was a modification of the original WhatsApp , which used the same system and the same core of the official application, but which integrated dozens of features that made it completely customizable, being able to change a host of things that have to do with design.

Thanks to WhatsApp Plus it was also possible to access countless functions -techniques, not only aesthetics- that are not feasible with any other method, so it can be deduced that the Plus version offered some advantages and very few disadvantages .

The official developers of WhatsApp did not take long to put pressure to stop developing this popular mod, and unfortunately they achieved their goal of discontinuing the development of WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp even came to take measures to block for 24 hours all users who use it. From January 20, 2015, the company began to block all accounts that used WhatsApp Plus, thus prohibiting the use of unofficial applications.

There is no need to be alarmed . Just as WhatsApp did not take long to kill WhatsApp Plus, it did not take long for new WhatsApp mods to appear like the one we’ll show you today: WhatsApp Plus JiMods that works on Android.

Many other developers have decided to continue with the legacy left by WhatsApp Plus, and other mods that are nowadays widely used and work perfectly have been born. The best thing of all is that the official servers do not even know that you are using an unofficial version of WhatsApp thanks to the antibaneo filters, which makes sure to use this app. Keep reading to find out how to download and install the .apk of this application on your mobile, in its latest version.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

You should know that WhatsApp Plus offers a host of features that will allow you to use WhatsApp like you have never used it before. Some of the features that can be noticed in Plus are the new emoticons or caritas; general personalization of the design of the conversation screen, contacts, contact list or conversation list; or even the possibility of hiding the last connection , among other options that allow you to make a WhatsApp  to your liking and to your measure. Great, right?

Version Info

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 6.56
App Size 36.0 Mb
Last Updated Sep 11, 2018
Android Version Required Android 4.0+
Package Name com.WhatsApp2Plus
Main Task Whatsapp Features + Some extra hidden features.

However, of the many features that WhatsApp Plus offers, it is possible to get dizzy. That is why we want to tell you what are the main features of WhatsApp Plus , which will undoubtedly convince you to install this magnificent modification.

New themes and design customization

One of the most requested features of this popular modification and is practically the reason why it was created, is the ability to modify the visual aspect of the application. It is possible to do it from the PLUS menu manually or you can also download thousands of themes from the theme catalog in the WhatsApp Plus menu.

The themes are created by collaborating users, and vary in themes: games, movies, football teams, cartoons, etc., which can be changed at any time from a menu. An infinite possibility to customize your WhatsApp , your way and as you want, alternating between colors, font sizes, transparencies, modifying elements and much more.

Emoticons or faces never seen before, in a new tab

Another of the outstanding features of WhatsApp Plus, are its new sympathetic emoticons . There are the comic emoticons, those of feelings and even the known “memes” like yao ming, LOL, trollface, among others.

Something noteworthy is that the faces that are included additionally come from Google Hangouts and there are even emoticons very similar to those of Skype. Nothing more and nothing less than approximately 400 new emoticons added to WhatsApp Plus. The modification adds an exclusive “+” button in the list of emoticons, in which all the additional emojis that Plus integrates are displayed .

The only but that exists in this feature is that if the contact you send one of these smileys not have WhatsApp Plus , it is impossible not to see the emoticon you sent due to incompatibility. Therefore, simply tell them to access this article  and install this new application 😉

“Freeze” the last connection

Another excellent feature of Plus is the addition of being able to “freeze” the last connection, but do not confuse it: it is a modification that makes WhatsApp not send the value of “online” to the servers, that is, it does not work like WhatsApp Ghost or similar: works better. Until a while ago, the Plus version allowed you to see the last connection of your contact by freezing the last connection, but unfortunately WhatsApp blocked this option, being able to simply freeze your last connection but not see the one of the others.

Now you can send larger images and videos

By default, WhatsApp states that the limit for sending music and videos is 16 megabytes, which limits the possibility of sending long files. With WhatsApp Plus this does not happen, since it allows sending these multimedia files  without size limit .

And not only the videos or audio, but also the images you can send them in their original size, without losing quality due to the compression usually applied by the original application. All these options are modifiable from the “Plus” control panel of the modified application.

Functionalities in groups

Plus also offers some functionalities for group conversations. For example, you can add the photo of the contact that sends the messages to the side of them, in order to quickly identify who sends them. This photo can be modified in size to taste. Another function is the possibility of silencing a group forever, extending the period of 1 year offered by the original WhatsApp.

We have already known all the advantages of this unofficial version of the WhatsApp messenger, and despite adding more and more users, there are many others who have some problems with WhatsApp Plus and can not solve them; That’s why today we want to make some clarifications and give some advice that we hope will be helpful.

In short, we will cite all the most important features of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus :

  • It is based on the latest version of the Play Store , one of the most recent versions of Android.
  • As we mentioned at the beginning, it is a test of bans , that is, official WhatsApp can not detect that you are using an unofficial version.
  • It supports calls , although at the moment it does not support video calls.
  • Zoom in profile photos
  • Customizable delivered message ticks.
  • Statistics for groups.
  • Preview files sent in chats without having to download them.
  • View status Online or Last in the chat window, for all contacts. Ideal to spy the last connection of your contacts at any time.
  • Send videos of more than 16 MB, up to 30 MB even.
  • You can send 90 images at once , not just 10.
  • Your state can have up to 250 characters , not just 139.
  • Hide the name and date of the messages when copying them.
  • Copy and paste states.
  • Supports more types of files : pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx and zip.
  • It allows you to choose between making normal calls through the operator or calls through WhatsApp.
  • You can easily update WhatsApp Plus for free by leaving a new version.
  • It allows you to customize WhatsApp with incredible themes and designs.
  • Among other interesting features!

Differences between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus

The main difference between both applications is that it is possible  to completely change the interface aspect of this social network, you can install different kinds of topics in a fast and simple way, they are completely free, the only thing is that we do not find them available in the Google Play store, so we have to look for them on the web, there are more than 700 WhatsApp themes  that can be chosen, all can be installed in the application without representing any problem.

Another of the most notable differences between both applications is the list of emoticons, WhatsApp Plus includes very funny memes with which we can personalize our conversations in a more personalized way. In contrast, the original WhatsApp application only offers us a limited list of emoticons.

WhatsApp Plus also includes some improvements and many advantages, such as hiding the last connection , modifying the size limit of the files sent, offers options so that the size and quality of the images we send through the chat can be maintained. Below we will see in more detail all the main features offered by WhatsApp Plus.

How to install the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on Android

To install WhatsApp Plus you must visit some of the download sources that we provide above to download WhatsApp + and then proceed to perform the free installation, remember that the APK, in this case the WhatsApp Plus APK, can be blocked by your Android operating system , for this you must first allow third-party applications to be installed from the configuration section on your Android. Steps to follow to install it:

  1. Uninstall any previous version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus if it is installed. Do not forget to make a backup of your chats from the settings.
  2. Download the WhatsApp Plus .apk file available in the month of May with the links that we will provide you with above.
  3. Activate unknown origins on your device. Generally, “Unknown sources” can be activated in Settings> Security> Unknown sources . This will allow you to install .apk that have not been downloaded from the Play Store.
  4. Install the .apk file that was saved on your device when you downloaded Wasap Plus.
  5. Enter the application and activate your WhatsApp with your phone number, recover the chats from the backup copy if necessary.
  6. Enjoy the new WhatsApp Plus 2018!

It is important that you follow these steps as we cited for a successful installation of WhatsApp Plus.

Problems during the installation of WhatsApp Plus

There are people that once they have their device ready for installation, they start the process and they get some error that does not allow them to finish installing the application. One of the Next we will see some of the conflicts that can happen:

  • Make sure you have first uninstalled the official version of WhatsApp, since it is not compatible with WhatsApp Plus and if you are still on the device it will not leave you.
  • If you have installed the application ” Clean Master ” or similar is probably generating a problem, since it often conflicts with WhatsApp +, you must uninstall it to continue with the process.
  • Another option that you have if the problems still continue is that you reinstall the original version of WhatsApp , open some chat to use it, and then re-uninstall it and install the WhatsApp Plus. If it’s still giving you problems, it might be something specific to your device.

Problems installing WhatsApp Plus (Anti-Bane)

It is one of the most common problems that may arise when installing the application on the device. First you must bear in mind that WhatsApp Plus android is an unofficial application, therefore it is not available in the Google Play or App Store stores. Then what you must do is to enable downloads of “unknown origins” on your Android phone , so you can install the application.

It is also important that you keep in mind that being an unofficial application, the conversations and files that you send through WhatsApp Plus will not guarantee privacy .

If you have any other problem when downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus 2017 , we recommend you follow a tutorial on YouTube.

Get the latest version of WhatsApp Plus now!

With WhatsApp+ you can enjoy using the best messaging app , while you personalize it to your liking and use great features. In this article you were able to download WhatsApp Plus apk in its compatible version with the month of May and we will show you how to install it. Now, you can share this great application with all your friends.

Customize your WhatsApp with the WhatsApp+ app!

Download WhatsApp Plus for Android free (APK)

The application is updated with the latest version of WhatsApp Plus of 2018. The download is direct and free:

The best-known mod is called WhatsApp Plus  (or Wasap Plus ) .  The original WhatsApp Plus was created by a Spanish developer called Rafalense in 2014 but has ceased to exist due to copyright claims. But do not worry! That was not inconvenient for other developers to start creating their own. apk  for Android ( there is no for iPhone ) in which WhatsApp Holo has greater possibilities of customization than in the original version.

Well, with more than 1,000 million active users around the world and acquired by Facebook, it has become one of the most downloaded apps on the planet. It is not surprising therefore that there are dozens of applications that are developed to try to get some kind of match.

Among the best known is WhatsApp Plus , a mod that can be downloaded for free to customize the application with options that extend beyond those offered by default.

Download WhatsApp Plus Free (All 2018 versions)

Download WhatsApp Plus APK in 2018 is becoming a custom for all those Android users who want to enjoy a unique experience while chatting with their friends through the popular instant messaging application. Probably that was the reason that led you to this site and we are very proud to announce that you are in the right place to discover step by step how to do it, will you accompany us? The steps to download WhatsApp Plus on your mobile are very simple and more with our detailed recommendations.

Download latest version of WhatsApp Plus for free

First, let’s briefly introduce what WhatsApp Plus is, because it is not another thing that one of the most famous applications of the Android platform , and despite being an unofficial MOD of the original application, also known as WhatsApp + or WhatsApp Plus Holo, is recording historical records of downloads in unofficial stores, since being an “unofficial” MOD of WhatsApp in 2018, we can not download it directly from the Google Play Store and we have to resort to third party sites.

We imagine that if you have come this far it is because you are interested in downloading WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, but unfortunately you do not know how to achieve it. If so, we have good news for you because we present a complete guide to download and install WhatsApp Plus latest version on your device step by step . Do you want to know how? keep reading…

Status of WhatsApp Plus in 2018 (WhatsApp Plus APK JiMODs)

As you well know, WhatsApp Plus is the order of the day this year  and is that after several months with some compatibility problems, blockages by WhatsApp, security problems and other issues that you already know enough, WhatsApp Plus is more Strong than ever this year. In case you did not know yet, this year has appeared on the scene a WhatsApp Plus much more powerful, safe and reliable than in the past. We talked, how could it be otherwise, WhatsApp Plus JiMODs .

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs is a WhatsApp MOD for Android devices that allows you to enjoy thousands of additional advantages that the official WhatsApp app available in the Play Store does not provide, so the benefits of installing WhatsApp+.

To download the APK of WhatsApp Plus JiMODs  in its latest version you should simply click on the link below and download the APK file of the MOD on your Android devices. Once that is done, you should simply look for the previously downloaded APK file and install it on your smartphone. So easy and simple.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus in Android latest version

The first thing we must do to download the APK of WhatsApp Plus on an Android device is to download the file of the popular MOD and for that we have several options. As we have said before, WhatsApp + is not available for download in the Google Play Store so we must use third party sites to achieve it. Fortunately, that is really simple and WhatsApp Plus will be downloaded to your mobile device.

After the download, you will get a fabulous file with the extension “.apk” which you should save as if it were a diamond on the external card of your mobile device. Now let’s forget for a moment about the file and let’s move on to one of the most important steps for the procedure to be successful: Permanently remove the original WhatsApp from your smartphone .

Delete the original WhatsApp application to download the APK of WhatsApp Plus 2018 , is one of the most important steps when installing the unofficial MOD, because we can not have both applications installed on a device at the same time. Still, you should not worry about anything because WhatsApp Plus will work in the same way that the official application did … LIE !! … it will work much better !!

Well, to remove WhatsApp from your device you must first go to the menu of Android smartphone or tablet settings and tap on “Applications” or “Application manager” (the name of this option may vary slightly depending on the model of device you have and the Android version that you use at those times). Once inside, we will see a list of all the applications and games that we have installed on the device, so we just have to look for the “WhatsApp” application, click on it and select the “Uninstall” option.

Perfect!! Our Android smartphone is already free of WhatsApp, so we no longer have any impediment to download WhatsApp Plus APK and install it on our device. To do this, we must first go to “Settings” and click on the “Security” tab . Once inside the tab “security” we must find an option that says ” Unknown sources” and activate it, since this option will allow us to install the .apk file previously downloaded. Now we simply have to access the SD card of our Android and find the “.apk” file that we have previously downloaded and click on it to install WhatsApp + on our beloved smartphone or tablet with the Google operating system.

We wait a few seconds for the process to end (do not be impatient, the good thing just coming) and … ready! We already have WhatsApp Plus installed on our Android mobile!

Has not worked properly? Keep reading

In the middle of so much explanatory text, perhaps you have lost at some point or you have mistakenly omitted any of the previous steps … do not worry, then we make a very summary outline of the most important points you must follow if you want to download WhatsApp Plus, the best instant messaging application in the world, and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet in a satisfactory way.

  • Remove the official WhatsApp app from your device.
  • Download WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone or tablet from a third-party store or from the link that you left earlier (WhatsApp Plus JiMODs).
  • Save the downloaded file (.apk format) on the SD card of your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings> Security and activate the option “Unknown sources. “
  • Access your SD card and click on the file in “.apk” format to install WhatsApp Plus Holo (or WhatsApp Plus, or WhatsApp +).
  • Wait a few seconds and ready!

With these simple steps we can now finish our complete guide to download WhatsApp Plus and install it on our Android device. Do you have any questions? Did you have any problems while trying to install MOD on your Android? Tell us your case and we will try to help you in everything that we can!

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is the solution to all your problems

As many of you already know, a new WhatsApp + called Reborn has been born that allows us to continue enjoying the advantages of the Plus version of WhatsApp on any compatible Android device. This one continues to be updated periodically and is currently in version 1.80 in which the free voice calls of WhatsApp have been included , as well as the redesign with Material Design of the latest versions.

So, if you want to download WhatsApp Plus 5.90 you are in luck, because if you access the link that we have left you a little higher you can install WhatsApp + correctly on your Android smartphone and enjoy the advantages of having the most advanced WhatsApp MOD in the world .

Do you want to know the different types of WhatsApp Plus in APK?

Next, we will provide you with the different types of WhatsApp Plus existing so far. And is that part of WhatsApp Plus Reborn in its different versions (remember that the 1.90 is the latest today), the application known worldwide as “Wasap”, but actually written WhatsApp, has many MODs that mimic the original version from Rafalense. Here we leave you the best known and that at this moment they continue working without any danger of being “banned” by the messaging application. We leave you the direct links of the WhatsApp Plus APK files so you can download it directly to your mobile: Here we go:

  • APK | WhatsApp Plus GB 3.8 (also known as GBWhatsApp Plus or GBWaplus) – it is a fabulous and extraordinary Android WhatsApp MOD that allows the user to access all the advantages of the Plus version of the app, but with some modification that They make it simply unique. Without a doubt, it is a modern and current version that provides (and hopefully continues to do so for a long time) great joys to all users who have tried it.
  • APK | WhatsApp Plus Reborn 1.90 – as we said, this version is one of the most used by most Android users who want to enjoy authentic improvements and developments in their native WhatsApp application. So much so, that this MOD will allow you to hide from WhatsApp that you are using it, so that your WhatsApp account has absolutely no danger of being banned. In addition, it has all the features mentioned above, so, without a doubt, it is one of the best options (if not the best) that is currently on the Google platform.
  • APK | WAMOD – another WhatsApp Plus alternative that will allow you to access a large number of totally unique features and features that will make you feel like a real “Plus user”. As we have already mentioned, with WAMOD you can send and receive multimedia content at full resolution (so images and videos will not lose image quality when they are sent or received), install and modify any topic you like for the WhatsApp app , access a multitude of new and unique EMOJI icons and emoticons, and much more …

These are the three most famous MODs of WhatsApp Plus for Android in this current year , however, we can not forget the WhatsApp MOD that is sweeping at the moment worldwide. It’s about WhatsApp Plus  JiMODs, how you could have read at the beginning of this article.

For the moment, in what we have in this year 2018 for Android, WhatsApp Plus JiMODs is the most stable and secure app in terms of WhatsApp MODs for Android . So, we recommend everyone to try this new and expected improved version of WhatsApp Plus  JiMODs on your mobile devices and tell us in the comments that you will find below what your impressions have been.

WhatsApp has been one of the best social networks in history, because it shows a constant concern for its followers, it tries to always innovate and never disappoints with its updates. However, this app still lacks much to improve to be more attractive to the public, only that these improvements are details that have some restriction for the user.

That is why we have created an alternate version called “Whatsapp plus” which is a different and innovative way to use this social network, because it has such immensely good modifications that you can not believe:

Download Whatsapp Plus free

WhatsApp plus has many modifications compared to the original WhatsApp, as, for example, it has unlimited amounts of information that can be sent, restrictions on the user’s identity, unlimited videos and photos, etc.

That is why, if you want to make a direct download of WhatsApp plus for free, then you should mainly try to get an APK that does not have any type of economic anchoring. The latter means that you do not belong to a specific domain or have a coding of a default URL , because they always have a monetary amount that you must pay if you want to download it. How can you tell if it’s free or if you have to pay? Well, most of all you can see if the page contains too much publicity , because the free URLs work with this form of money.

It is mainly recommended to install WhatsApp Plus for the URLs that are first in the internet search , because these are usually free and that is why users are constantly using them to download the app.

One last thing that should be mentioned is the fact that WhatsApp plus can not be obtained in any online store of mobiles , and that is why many times it is with a monetary commission.

Download Whatsapp Plus 2018

It should be noted that because this is a social network likewise, it has many updates, and this 2018 has been presented by others due to the boom of the app.

But mainly if you want to download Whatsapp plus this 2018 , it is recommended to install version 6.40 , which is said to have better performance in mobile phones and other devices.

To install it you only have to:

  • Go to "Settings."
  • Search for the "Security" option (usually found in the lower-middle part of the configuration list).
  • Click on the option "Accept unknown sources".
  • Download the APK directly from your phone or the PC.
  • Unzip the file and complete the installed process.
  • Verify manually with an antivirus that the document does not have any infection.

It should be noted that just as there have been many updates of WhatsApp plus this 2018, there have also been an immense amount of URLs with corrupted encoding that present viruses. It is for this last that many choose not to go to all kinds of links, but usually to those most used in previous years or early in the year who have also uploaded download folders with this information.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK

The WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the easiest things to download, because the truth is that it only consists of clicking on the button that indicates this option in each of the links. However, it should be noted that often the latter tends to confuse people who are not fully specialized in downloading information from the Internet.

Well, the truth is that the first thing you have to do is simply search for this information in your search engine, specifying "APK" so that the first links that appear to you have this information. And then when you open the page select the first options, then wait until they finish loading each one.

When you are already inside, you will simply see a button that says "Download", you will click and you will start to leave alternative links that will appear as a new search in a new tab.

You will close all the advertisements that appear every time you click on "download" until you see that in the bottom left of the screen appear different URLs that show that the page is downloading if it is on the pc.

However, in the phones you will know that it is in download because in the notification bar an arrow will appear down, so it is as simple as downloading the Whatsapp plus from the internet with your APK in perfect condition.

Download Whatsapp Plus

The Whatsapp Plus 6.60 is so far one of the latest updates of the app, and without a doubt it can be mentioned that it is one of the best because it is fast, has more active personalization and small but practical details.

However downloading it is a problem because there are no specific URLs where they are downloaded in bulk on the internet, which is why the best option to download it is simply by the official "Android" page. Of course, the latter has a download for devices from the same company, but if you have any other type of phone with a different operating system, you can buy it from any other official Google store .

Once you are on any selected page, you should verify that the file you are beginning to download will be in a compressed state , and when that download is complete you open the folder.

You will know that it is about installing Whatsapp Plus 6.60 because the installer has it as its name. One of the most active recommendations you should take is to check the folder more than once , since this version has many viruses that are hidden in its internal support.

WhatsApp Plus Android
WhatsApp Plus Android

Just doing these simple actions, you can grant yourself the immense happiness of getting this and any active version that has Whatsapp Plus, download it and become the pioneer of the future of this social network.

You may have heard that WhatsApp Plus no longer works. But this is not the case, and here we are to prove it, with one of the most complete guides you will find on WhatsApp Plus. We will teach you how to install it, what's new in the latest version and what requirements you need to use it.

WhatsApp plus comes with all the latest version of WhatsApp, even brings the new status bar where you can add images or gifs. In addition to this, we can find several additional features that we list below:

Features of WhatsApp Plus for Android

WhatsApp Plus stopped being owned by the first group of developers that created it, and right now it is developed by only one person, who has included great features that you did not think you needed but that will be indispensable with the passage of time.

These are some of the features that we find in WhatsApp Plus :

  • Hide last connection, blue popcorn and double popcorn.
  • Hide the “write” prompt, so you can write messages without anyone seeing it.
  • Create groups and group invitations for video calls.
  • Always connected mode.
  • Customization to the extreme, you can modify the interface completely.
  • You can change the WhatsApp icon and add the one you prefer.
  • Ability to send many types of files, including .MP3 files.
  • Password blocking developed in the application itself, without third-party applications .
  • Improved states, you can add gifs and even videos to the states.
  • Topics created by the community that can be shared.
  • Full backup in a very easy way.
  • Sent images without loss of resolution.

Well as we say, it serves to personalize the messages and chat app . It is aimed above all at those who are not completely satisfied with it, and who use it because everyone uses it , although they know that there are alternatives such as Telegram that may convince them more.

Who more or who less has ever thought that there are (many) aspects that can be improved, so this APK is what you intend to correct . Here a list of features capable of applying to the original software development:

  • Adapt interface colors or font size to your liking.
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or send photos with their original quality.
  • Quick sharing functions.
  • Copy & Paste partial: select a part of the text you want to copy and paste and send it to your contacts.
  • Hide profile image
  • Consult hours of connection and status from the chat screen.
  • Install different themes.

Now, what is the problem with this type of apps? Well WhatsApp is very jealous of your property, so it bans the service to anyone who detects that you are using one of these applications . That's why the app has been subjected to reborn several times like JiMODs, which claims to have antiban properties. There is also HOLO, another developer who uses the pull that has this name.

Requirements to install and use WhatsApp Plus on Android

To install and use WhatsApp Plus on your phone, here are the things you need:

  1. Download the .APK file of WhatsApp Plus  below ( version WhatsApp Plus Mod APK V5.40 ).
  2. If you want to keep your conversations you must make a backup .
  3. Download a file browser from Google Play , no matter what it is. We recommend the following:
  4. On your mobile, activate the Unknown sources option from the Security area .

How to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device

If you want to back up your conversations go to the normal WhatsApp app > Settings> Chats> Backup , and have a manual backup. When you have finished, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp as you would normally with any other application.
  2. With the file browser, search and install the WhatsApp Plus APK in an appropriate way.
  3. When you have the application, open it and enter  your phone number and you will automatically receive the confirmation.
  4. Once you enter your name you will see the notice that a backup copy has been found; accept and you will have finished.

In any case and given the disparity in the offer and the lack of clarity of who is behind, it is difficult to know what is the most updated WhatsApp Plus . Some say that 3.17, others that 5.60 ... in short, here we offer one of these versions for you to download on your smartphone (by the way, for iPhone there is also an app).

What's new in the latest version

  • Different bugs are solved.
  • It is developed based on WhatsApp 2.18.210.
  • All WhatsApp Plus ads and pop-ups have been removed .
  • Possibility of reading messages that have already been deleted.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 2.2.
  • The installation of the app through the APK file requires the activation of the option “Unknown sources” in Settings> Applications.

Remember: you may need to enable the option of unknown sources to install apps from external sources to the official store. To do this you only have to enter the settings of your device and in the security settings you will see the option of "Unknown Origins". Once the actives you will not have any problem with the installation.

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