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WhatsApp Transparent

WhatsApp Transparent is an alternative development to the original that incorporates features such as the interface that allows you to see through or new emojis.

Transparent whatsapp

WhatsApp Transparent

The truth is that for many apps to chat and send messages that appear as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others, the WhatsApp throne continues to be unattainable for all of them. And it is true that in some functions and features is a couple of steps behind, but the fact that it is the instant best messaging apps that has the largest number of users (if you ask how many users you have, we will tell you that they are more than 1,000 million in everyone), allows you to go a little behind your competition.

How to Customize WhatsApp? Making it transparent, of course

And the truth is that the developers of the apps are not very given to launch APKs that allow to improve , expand or extend their functions as for example if LINE does. However there are alternative developments launched by motivated programmers of the style of Whatsapp Plus or OGWhatsApp for these purposes, or like the one we are dealing with here, WhatsApp Transparent.

And as you can guess by its nothing disguised name, it is a MOD that can stop us from seeing the boring wallpaper of this texting app (although it is true that we can configure it to show us the photo we want as a background) to see the smartphone’s homescreen. So nothing, forget about wonderful features that delve into better management of your privacy or other options to make this the best apps to chat for mobile.

  • Customize your conversations by chat.

Well, although this is not entirely true: it has a series of emojis and emoticons with more details and more expressive than the originals of the apps.

whatsapp transparent

It does not work, what do I do?

If it does not work it may have to do with the update of the messaging app itself , which also forces to download a latest version of this. That’s why versions of 2016 like September, October or December (4.81, 4.91 or 5.0) that you downloaded happily, hoping that they would work for a long time, are now obsolete. You have no choice but to reinstall it.

And remember one thing: it is only valid on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets, nothing of iPhone and iPad on iOS and neither for the desktop version for PC or Mac.

How to install WhatsApp Transparent?

And last but not least, the steps to follow to be able to tune your preferred message app:

  • Step 1 : Save a backup of your conversations from the Settings menu.
  • Step 2 : Uninstall the apps from the Phone Settings menu if you installed the Whatsapp already.
  • Step 3 : Download the APK and open it. Remember that you must have the device configured to accept the installation from sources other than Google Play.
  • Step 4 : Start using it by choosing the country from which you use your phone.

And now you can chat and send messages from a different environment to the original. Of course, remember that it is an unofficial development. will your communications be secure?

What’s new in the latest version

Bugs are corrected and the possibility of checking which messages have been deleted at a given moment and by which user is added is added.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.0.
  • The installation of the app through the APK file requires the activation of the option “Unknown sources” in Settings> appss.

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