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9 Best WordPress Chat Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Best WordPress Chat Plugins for WordPress: Lately, we find many websites with online chat systems integrated into their sales pages, which serve as support for visitors to reach the final shopping process, generating a lot of confidence in the seller of the product or service, since they are accompanied during the process.

Best WordPress Chat Plugins for WordPress

Therefore, if you have a web page with the aim of selling, an added value will be to have a chat plugin where visitors or buyers can make inquiries without having to pick up the phone to contact you.

If you are a WordPress user, using an online chat will be a competitive advantage over the competition for incredible customer service, and for this, there are many plugins for WordPress chat very simple to use and that you can include right now on your website.

WordPress Chat Plugins

Let’s see one by one what are the best plugins of online chat in WordPress free and paid, so that you are the one who chooses your favorite, include it in your web page and start from now to increase your conversions.

WP Live Chat Support

This WordPress Online Chat Plugin is very simple to use and very customizable, and best of all, free, so you can insert it into your website and enjoy this “plus” to improve your conversions.

The plugin is available in Spanish, but if you have a website in another language, do not worry because it has translations for the most common that exist in the world.

Although it is free, it contains multiple extensions to add features to the chat, such as integration with SMS, access to chat on mobile, payments for chatting, etc.

WP Live Chat Support features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Storage of messages when there is no connection.
  • Access to records.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • IP address control.
  • Personalized message when you are not available.
  • Etc.

Price: Free [+Payment extensions]

Download: WP Live Chat Support

Zendesk Chat

With Zendesk, the new WordPress chat previously called “Zopim”, you can communicate live with your users, and then follow and monitor these visitors with a panel of metrics and very advanced reports, which will show the duration in the chat, satisfaction, lost chats, etc.

It has a free version with only 1 simultaneous chat, and a paid license with a trial version from $ 14, with the possibility of expanding it and adding custom support for when you have a problem with the tool. You can also extend this license including telephone support for your visitors.

This is what is used in Raiola Networks, so if you go to our main page you will see the operation of this plugin live and direct.

Zendesk Chat features :

  • Monitoring and monitoring of visitors.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Downloadable Apps
  • Multilanguage
  • Etc.

Price : Free, $14, $29 or $59 per month.

Download: Zendesk Chat

Live Chat

Live Chat for WordPress allows communication between the user and the administrator of the website in a very effective way since if there is no person available at that moment to attend the visitor, they can send their query in the form of a ticket, for when the administrator is available, respond.

As the previous one is multilingual, and you have a free 30-day trial. Once the month is over, you can count on different pricing plans depending on your needs.

Live Chat features :

  • History of chats (depending on the contracted plan).
  • Personalization of the chat.
  • Possibility of tickets when there is no agent.
  • A daily summary of statistics.
  • Etc.

Price : $16, $33, $50 or $149 per year [+ 30-day free trial]

Download: Live Chat

Tidio Chat for WordPress

Tidio combines live online chat with bots such as chatbots to get the best performance when you are not available, to serve 24/7 users and thus support them at any time.

The chat has a free version that includes live chat of up to 3 users, application for iOS and Android, integration of messenger, etc.

It is a fantastic option to use as a chat in your WordPress, and you can also try it and later increase the plan to a premium one, so you do not lose anything.

In addition, it has additional plans with automation and recoveries of abandoned carts, to convert more without necessarily being behind the screen at that moment.

Tidio Chat features :

  • Chatbot integrated.
  • Multilanguage
  • Form without connection to contact through email.
  • Etc.

Price : Free [+ Payment extensions]

Download: Tidio Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk.to is another WordPress plugin to talk with your visitors. The problem with this plugin is the lack of update despite the thousands of active installations since it has not been updated for 12 months now. But the good thing is that it is totally free in all its versions.

The opinions of the WordPress plugin repository on chat are pretty good, and you have the option of adding unlimited accounts so that your entire team can chat on the web, which is a great advantage.

Tawk.To Live Chat Main features :

  • Unlimited Chats
  • Personalization of the chat.
  • 27 languages
  • Support for problems 24/7.
  • Etc.

 Price: Free

 Download: Tawk.To

WhatsApp Me

What this plugin does is add a WhatsApp button on the side of your web page, so when you click on it, a message arrives through the App with your visitor’s doubt.

The plugin may be available for both mobile and other devices, and notification of the response can be displayed on the website itself to not be so intrusive.

In addition, if the user is in the computer, the WhatsApp Web application will open, otherwise, the App will be opened.

WhatsApp Me Main features :

  • Personalization of the initial message.
  • You can configure the pages on which this button is displayed.
  • Etc.

 Price: Free

 Download: WhatsApp Me

Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

The chat tool with Facebook Live Chat from WordPress is simple to use and free. Its operation is simple, click on the “Facebook Chat” button and a message window of the Facebook Messenger opens so that the user can contact the company.

The drawback of this plugin is that it is in English, but it has the advantage of being free and of being able to later extend the license to one of payment for a very little amount.

Live Chat with Facebook Messenger Main features :

  • It can be displayed on certain pages.
  • Includes icons to social networks.
  • Etc.

Price : Free, 9’99 $, 19’99 $, 49’99 $ per month.

Download: Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

Live Chat by Formilla

The Formilla chat is a good option, but in its free version, you can only have an open agent chat for a specific web page.

If you extend to the paid version, the price is not very high, and you can have unlimited chats on your website to guide your customers.

In addition, the chat has a live chat mobile application to talk with your users from anywhere.

Live Chat by Formilla Main features :

  • Multiple languages.
  • Personalization.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Personalized and automatic messages
  • Etc.

Price : Free, 11’99 $ and $ 16’99 per month.

 Download: Live Chat by Formilla


For a website from a personal site such as a blog, Crisp is a great and easy to use a tool, since it will generate a good user experience on the services page.

It is a very updated system and according to the time in which we are, and a very good tool to chat online for free.

In addition, you can expand your subscription depending on the size of your company, as it will add more features depending on the plan.

Crisp Main features :

  • Apps for mobile.
  • Personalized and automatic messages
  • Audio messages
  • Unlimited history
  • Blocking of users.
  • Etc.

 Price: Free, € 25 and € 95 per month.

 Download: Crisp


Why should you use an online WordPress chat?

 It will improve the customer service of your web page because when the user requires any kind of help, there will be you or your team to offer it.

You will improve the conversions of the sales of your web page since you will be able to “rescue” many doubtful visitors in your purchase due to the attention to the client.

You will generate trust in your project because the users that arrive at your website will see that there is someone behind.

Authority and reputation of your website, since it will be much more adapted to the needs of users than others in your sector.

It is not expensive to implement either at an economic level or at work, because in just a few minutes you can have your plugin installed, configured and ready to serve your visitors.

How to put a chat in WordPress

Once you have seen the best online chat plugins for WordPress, you will see how one of them would be installed and configured, in this case, Crisp.

The first thing you should do is go to “Plugins”, “Add New”, look for the name of “Crisp” and click on “Install now”.

Once it is installed, activate it, go to the plugin and fill in the configuration data that appears in the following image with your email, domain name, and other information.

Once filled, you will be redirected to the WordPress chat plugin panel, where you should click on “Go to my Crisp Settings” and go to the main chat settings.

This will be your control panel to observe your visitors, from where they visit you, the statistics, and above all, the messages they send you.

If you enter your website now, you will see how a tab with the logo of the Crisp tool will appear below on the right, and if you click you can send your message.

Inside the administration panel, where is the icon of the sandwich, you will have the message you have sent, and voila, you will have the chat integrated with your WordPress!

What is the Best plugin for online WordPress chat?

To be able to chat with the users of your website is an incredible advantage that you should take advantage of, since you will improve sales if you have a physical products store or a services page, due to the live advice that is going to be done…

Therefore, do not miss this opportunity and install a chat plugin in WordPress, either free or paid, so as not to let any user leave the page for having any questions or impediments at the time of purchase.

I encourage you to try one of these online chat plugins for WordPress and tell us your experience, as well as your preferred choice.

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