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How to Watch Yomvi Chromecast on a TV 2019

Yomvi ChromecastGoogle Chromecast has become for many people, an alternative to make your TV become a “smart” TV and the truth is that it has many applications to enjoy them and their contents on home television, although surprisingly does not have Yomvi, which is the application to be able to see Movistar or Movistar +.

Yomvi Chromecast

If you want to know how to watch Yomvi with a Chromecast on a TV, the truth is that it is really easy, you just need to have your Chromecast connected and follow the steps that we will explain below.

How to watch Yomvi with a Chromecast on a TV

With Chromecast on your TV you can see all kinds of applications such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify, but Yomvi or as it was previously known, the application to see Movistar is not available, so you must configure the system to access its contents.

Yomvi Chromecast

These are all the steps:

Connect the Chromecast to the TV

The first thing you should do is have your Chromecast connected to the TV’s HDMI. Normally the current televisions have two HDMI ports, connect the device to one of them (if not, you must disconnect what you have and use that single port).

On the other hand, you must connect the USB cable that accompanies Chromecast. On the one hand to the device and on the other to your current.

Set up Chromecast

Now you will have to configure Yomvi Chromecast , for this you will see how you get a suggestion so you can access the configuration guide from the mobile or tablet that you are going to use to control Chromecast.

You must have, of course, Google installed, and in turn the Google Cast app as well as a Google account.

Once you have followed all the steps of the guide, you can start using Chromecast without problem adding the Yomvi application.

Another option is to configure the Chromecast from your computer, through the browser of Google Chrome but it should be a laptop with which then “operate” at the time of “launch” the contents of Chromecast to the TV so it is always more advisable to do everything from a smartphone or tablet.

How to Send to screen Yomvi Chromecast

Within the configuration of Chromecast, you will know that everything is done when it tells you to do a test of “mirroring”. This means that you can make a test of sending content to the TV, something you must do from the “Send screen / audio” option  within Google Cast.

See Yomvi Chromecast

Let’s see now what is important or what, in fact, interests us. First of all you will have to have the Yomvi application on the tablet or mobile from which you are going to send the contents. You will need to have installed Movistar + which is the app currently to see and in this case send the contents to the TV.

This way when you open the app from the device, you can take and send your content to your TV through Chromecast.

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