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How to Activate YouTube Dark Mode Android (No Root)

YouTube Dark Mode: At the beginning of the year, Google showed the main novelties that would come to YouTube for Android , among which were two of the most anticipated: incognito mode and a dark theme that began yesterday its deployment in a staggered way according to some North American media.

YouTube Dark Mode

Anyway, the YouTube Dark Mode has not arrived more than informally, it is already present in the YouTube code for Android although for now it can not be activated from the settings of the application, something that is ending with the patience of some …

youtube dark mode android

And fortunately for us, some of these impatient are among the large community of developers of xda-developers , where they have finally found a simple way to activate the dark theme of YouTube without the need for root access , in a few seconds and following a Step by step tutorial that we now teach you.

YouTube dark mode for Android

Obviously, you will need the basic principles of any intermediate user to install the tools of the ‘Android Debug Bridge’ and open and use a command console on your PC, although this will surely be a breeze for most. Let’s go for the tutorial!

How to Activate ‘YouTube Dark Mod’ Android ‘No Root’

Prepare for the action is very simple, just go to this link to xda-developers to get the latest tools of the Android development platform , choosing the operating system that we use on our computer: Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

youtube dark mode

In addition, the first thing you should do with your phone is go to Google Play Store and download the latest version of YouTube available in the store, step that we provide you with a direct link:


Finally, you must also download the file “YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.zip” from the AndroidFileHost repository , unzip it and copy it to the folder of the tools where the ADB executable is.

From here everything becomes simpler and will suffice to follow step by step the tutorial here we leave translated and explained:

  • Open a command line on your PC and go to the tool folder where you saved the file with the theme. The commands “cd”, “dir” or “ls” , the latter in Linux, will allow you to move through folders in a simple way in a system symbol.
  • Execute the following command:adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab
  • You should see a message on your phone that tells you to unlock it to confirm the restoration :


  • On the phone, a full-screen message will be displayed requesting approval of a complete restoration of all data. Now you will have to accept without entering any password , since the file does not need it. This file will not delete any of your personal data, it will only change the YouTube configuration , which is the object of the tutorial, so do not worry about this step.
  • After a few seconds the full screen message will disappear, and you will be able to open YouTube with your new dark theme already running smoothly. In case of any error, it would be enough to close and reopen the application.
  • Going back to the clear topic is even simpler, since the selector is not yet in the YouTube settings for Android, you will have to simply go to Settings> Applications> YouTube and delete the data from the application . When you restart it, you will have your theme clear again.

If You Are Not Familiar With Adb, You Already Have an Excuse to Learn

It seems difficult but it is not so , if you have ever used ADB it will be a breeze, and if you are not familiar with the Android tools environment, start using them is not a complex process and you will find hundreds of simple manuals in Android Developers as in the forum of xda-developers , the most famous and crowded of all existing in the Android community.

If you want to know more, the magic is in the xml file that all the Android applications keep with their options , so what the restoration of the downloaded file is to modify the YouTube xml to activate the YouTube Dark Mode that is disabled by default . Obviously it could also be done with a text editor being ‘root’ , but that process is too complicated.

Do you dare to try it? Leave us your experiences in the comments!

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