ZEPETO is the Android app of the communication platform in which its users relate to each other through the avatars they have created.

ZEPETO Apk Apps for Android

To create a social network from scratch and have some success it is necessary to offer something different to the classic such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is what ZEPETO tries to do, where users can interact with others through the three-dimensional avatars that they themselves have created from their own photos thanks to the powerful facial recognition system that it incorporates.


Create your avatar and interact with other users

Its operation is as simple as taking a selfie or taking a photo from the gallery to automatically convert it into emoji . From here we can customize their aesthetics as much as our imagination allows and create an environment through which we will introduce ourselves to other users. We can create greetings, decorate our virtual home with plants and furniture, and even participate in daily missions.

 Instabridge Apk 

And the rest is quite similar to the chats of a lifetime. That is, we walk through the different chat rooms, access the profile of other users, we follow them, we exchange messages with them… The influence of apps like The Sims or SecondLife here is evident so if you like this type of simulation games the reality while you are a regular user of social networks, download the APK and register as a user.

A social network not without controversy

This social network created by the same developers as the SNOW instant messaging app has quickly gone viral and it is not uncommon to see their 3D avatars used in other messaging apps and social networks. Of course, has been involved in quite controversial lately. It has begun to spread the rumor on the Internet that ZEPETO tracked and monitored its users through the camera and the microphone of their mobile devices (very from the roll of the eyes of Talking Tom). Everything arises from numerous Twitter accounts that warned that if you put your phone to your ear while you were running this application, you could hear a background noise, sometimes a beeping and sometimes static sound.

 Mobile Fax App for Android 

Due to this hoax (it has already been shown that ZEPETO does not spy on anyone) thousands of users started to uninstall the app from their smartphones and tablets, giving credibility to a rumor without any basis, as it is a usual noise in any application that makes use of our microphone. Easy, it’s not any kind of tracker .

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 5.1.
  • Offers integrated purchases.

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